Unlock Your Body’s Inner Pharmacy and Enjoy Remarkable Health and Mental Agility Well Into Advanced Years…Finally Stop Relying on Drugs or Surgery Which Carry the Risk of Debilitating Side Effects.

Serena Parry

Australia’s Only Deepak Chopra Certified Ayurveda Practitioner


Gateways to Your Inner Pharmacy

5 Week Live Online Training Program

If you want to stop feeling constantly exhausted, stressed and are sick of spending money on prescription medication or hate the thought of risky surgery, play close attention.

What you’re about to discover has the power to completely transform your life.

The Journal of Patient Safety, published a review in 2013, estimating that 1 in 145 patients dies from a preventable adverse event, adding up to 210,000 patients dying annually. It is estimated that 0.69% of hospital admissions result in death caused or contributed by a medical error.

A combination of factors such as financial pressures on medical practitioners to see more patients every hour and surgeons to perform more procedures causes them to gloss over risks, sometimes even skip discussing them altogether.

Even more alarming, your doctor probably does not tell you that health conditions arise because the mind, body and spirit are out of balance.   

Instead they subject your body to a battery of tests, pump chemicals into healthy cells and resort to painful surgery.

 The good news is, there’s a far better way to peak health and wellness.


The ancient, all-natural health system has been designed to help people stay vibrant,
healthy and live to their full human potential.

Under the Ayurveda health system, there are three distinct types of energy. These are the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

These energies, found throughout the body and mind, govern all mental and physical processes. They provide living beings with their own blueprint for living a healthy and enriched life.

These are building blocks found in all humans, but in different proportions.

Ayurveda treatment is designed to heal and recapture the ideal balance for your specific constitution (mind-body type) and help prevent further health issues.

More Australians are Choosing Ayurveda over Traditional
Medical Treatment and Procedures

Many Australians who have experienced the health and wellness benefits of Ayurveda, now prefer it over other forms of treatment.

Here are three reasons why:

  • Reduces the need for harsh pharmaceuticals or surgery
  • Finds & addresses the cause of health issues
  • Treatment comprises body & mind therapies which assist in the healing process

Prevention has always been the first and major goal of Ayurveda. According to the most ancient Ayurveda text, Charaka Samhita, only when the physician has failed in that first goal does he or she need to resort to the second goal — which is cure.

Imagine if you could unlock your body’s inner pharmacy and live a healthy life, free from harmful medication or risky and expensive surgery.

That’s what you will discover in this Live Online Program.

Here’s exactly what will be covered:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Ayurveda
Body, Mind and Soul the Multidimensional Life

Discover the foundational principles of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga as well as the three primary mind-body doshas or constitutions: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Lesson 2: Food as Medicine
Nourishment for Body, Mind and Soul

Learn how to select the most nourishing foods for your mind-body type. The Ayurvedic nutritional practices you will uncover will help you maintain vibrant health, appropriate weight, and optimised digestion.

Lesson 3: Perpetual Renewal
Detoxification, Purification and Rejuvenation

This lesson focuses on the tools and practices of rejuvenation and renewal. You will be able to identify and eliminate toxins that accumulate in the mind and body.

In addition, you will learn about gentle rejuvenating practices, holistic techniques to relieve stress and anxiety, a personal daily routine for balance and health, and the secrets of restful sleep.

Lesson 4: Emotional Freedom
Intimacy with Yourself

Find out why emotional freedom is the key to your physical, mental, and emotional health. The in-depth practices and techniques of conscious communication, biological responses and steps of emotional release you will learn are keys to transforming your relationships and helping you experience more joy in your life.

Lesson 5: The Five Gateways to the Inner Pharmacy
Metabolising Sensory Experiences

The final session delves into the healing power of the five senses: sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. You will learn how to strengthen the body’s inner pharmacy by using specific tools involving each of the senses to heal, nourish and balance your mind-body for optimum health.

At the end of each class, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions on the call, so you’re crystal clear on every lesson.

If at all you cannot attend the sessions live, you will receive a recording of the call, so you can listen, stop, rewind and absorb all the material.

PLUS as an added bonus, you will receive downloadable workbooks for each Live Class which you can use as a ready reference so any information you need is always available at your fingertips.

You’ll also receive guidelines and health tips that can be implemented daily for maintaining peak health…

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Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful experience. I’m very grateful and look forward to continuing to improve my health and wellbeing with the wonderful tools and techniques you’ve shared. You have a wonderful gift to share with will help many people. I'm privileged to share this journey - thank you

Sacha Beverley  

When you follow everything you’ll discover in Gateways to Your Inner Pharmacy you will have all the skills and techniques to live an energised, healthy and stress-free live.

Here’s a summary of everything you get.

5 x Live Online Classes, downloadable PDF workbooks for each class and private access to replays

valued at $997

Guidelines, & Health Tips you can implement straightaway to improve your health

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VIP Access to a Private Facebook Group only for my clients

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12 Months of Email Support

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Look at it this way:

  • You can either continue depending on medication and surgery and risk side effects in the future which could make your life a living hell
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This choice is yours.

Don’t wait – it’s your health that’s we’re talking about. Sign up now and be prepared to finally see how amazing it will feel to have your health and emotional wellbeing issues taken care of once and for all.

To boundless energy and good health

Serena Mulder

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