Restore Your MIND-BODY Balance to Create an Amazing Life

Get Your MIND and BODY in Perfect Balance With a Life-Changing Step-By-Step Personalised Coaching Program to Help You Achieve the Focus, Clarity and Health Required for a Worry-Free Life

Here’s What You Get When You Join the Program

  • The exact imbalances preventing you from living the life you desire…without knowing these you’ll never know what changes you need to make
  • Specific recommendations on what you need to do to fix your MIND-BODY balance…as specific as which type of yoga is suited for your body type
  • A detailed plan for your entire daily routine…takes the guesswork out of wondering what to do. This is what you need to achieve set goals and ensure you stick to them
  • Access to instructional videos only available for premium members…you won’t find these anywhere else online (for example the right way to perform oil pulling and tongue cleaning)
  • One-on-one mindset coaching with Clint Seares, Australia’s leading Performance Coach who will help you set goals, hold you accountable and train your mind to help you achieve greatness
  • Monthly coaching call to monitor your progress, provide additional coaching, help you overcome specific roadblocks and answer any questions
  • 24 Hour email access, so you can raise any concerns or clarify anything else you aren’t sure about
  • One-stop-shop to get all the recommended resources…get the best quality products in the market without wasting hours trying to find them yourself
  • Exclusive Premium Members Access to resources and discounts on products
  • …and much much more.

It’s the only program of its kind in Australia and probably the world with a full membership that includes customised resources and one-on-one support.

We’ll go deep into identifying your imbalance, whether it is a MIND or BODY imbalance and then break it down further to whether it is a vata, kapha, or pitta imbalance. You’ll then get a personalised day-by-day program to correct the imbalance.


  • 2 months of additional coaching valued at $658
  • Lifetime access to the premium members area – Invaluable

How much will this cost me: The truth is my consultation starts at $200 an hour. But here’s the good news. Instead of the $7,114 price that this program is valued at…you can get the program for $997. Plus…you’re covered by my 30-Day Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

30-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money Back Guarantee Try out the “The Perfect Health Premium Membership Program” for a full 30 days. In that 30 days if you feel it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund. I can’t be fairer than that!

Option 1 - $399 x 3 payments (over two months)
Option 2 - $997 one off payment