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The Perfect Health Premium Membership Program

Restore Your MIND-BODY Balance to Create an Amazing Life

The Perfect Health Premium Membership Program

The Most Comprehensive MIND-BODY Balance Program Online

Get Your MIND and BODY in Perfect Balance With a Life-Changing Step-By-Step Personalised Coaching Program to Help You Achieve the Focus, Clarity and Health Required for a Worry-Free Life

If you want to stop feeling constantly exhausted, stressed or are sick of spending hours in the waiting room when visiting your doctor, what you’re about to discover has the power to completely transform your life. Often the medication which doctors prescribe only treats the symptoms and not the root cause of your condition. Although the medication may provide relief from pain or help in getting you back on your feet after an illness, it could be masking the seed of a potentially serious underlying health condition.

Unfortunately it’s not what you’ll hear from doctors who charge high-fees, nor from large pharmaceutical companies who earn mega-profits every year.

Want The Real Truth?

Health is not just the absence of a disease or its symptoms. The real cause of an illness is a disruption or blockage in the energy flow and information coursing through your body and mind. When you experience symptoms of an illness, it’s a signal that your body and mind are out of balance. What you need to do is eliminate the source of the blockage and restore balance so you achieve optimal health and vitality. Failure to do so ultimately creates physical challenges and emotional turbulence which impacts not only your physical well-being but also your lives at home and work.  You could find yourself in toxic relationships and non-nourishing eating habits leading to poor digestion and sleeping patterns.

So What’s The Answer?

It’s The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program. A one-of-a-kind program in Australia which will help you identify the imbalances in your life, teach you how to correct them and provide you with a nurturing daily routine. You’ll uncover methods to help you release emotions in a healthy way so that they don’t build up in your physiology. Most importantly, as your stress is eliminated, your mind and body will begin to function with maximum effectiveness, creating health vitality and happiness.


What Makes Ayurveda So Special?

Ayurveda recognises that the human body has an enormous power to heal itself. While western medicine struggles to catch up to the ancient wisdom of preventive care, Ayurvedic medicine has for thousands of years offered practitioners the means to maintain health and stave off disease. This is achieved by attuning your diet and lifestyle to your unique constitution. As a result, you will be able to maintain the balance within yourself, combat disease and maintain good health. It’s just part of what will be covered in The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program

Here’s What You Get When You Join the Program

The exact imbalances preventing you from living the life you desire…without knowing these you’ll never know what changes you need to make

Specific recommendations on what you need to do to fix your MIND-BODY balance…as specific as which type of yoga is suited for your body type

A detailed plan for your entire daily routine…takes the guesswork out of wondering what to do. This is what you need to achieve set goals and ensure you stick to them

Access to instructional videos only available for premium members…you won’t find these anywhere else online (for example the right way to perform oil pulling and tongue cleaning)

One-on-one mindset coaching with Clint Seares, Australia’s leading Performance Coach who will help you set goals, hold you accountable and train your mind to help you achieve greatness

Monthly coaching call to monitor your progress, provide additional coaching, help you overcome specific roadblocks and answer any questions

24 Hour email access, so you can raise any concerns or clarify anything else you aren’t sure about

One-stop-shop to get all the recommended resources…get the best quality products in the market without wasting hours trying to find them yourself

Exclusive Premium Members Access to resources and discounts on products

…and much much more.

It’s the only program of its kind in Australia and probably the world with a full membership that includes customised resources and one-on-one support.

We’ll go deep into identifying your imbalance, whether it is a MIND or BODY imbalance and then break it down further to whether it is a vata, kapha, or pitta imbalance. You’ll then get a personalised day-by-day program to correct the imbalance.


VIP Facebook group where you can access additional resources, meet other members and learn from their experiences

10% discount to retreats and workshops which are not available to free members

You’re probably thinking…

“Okay, so how much is this going to cost?”

Look, if you total up the hours, days, months and years of research is behind The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program then to try and put a dollar amount next to it would be mind-boggling… Tens of thousands of dollars would be a gross understatement!

But, the whole purpose is to help you achieve peak health and vitality in the fastest, easiest and most affordable way.

To achieve that, I want to make the program affordable to those of you who are serious about living a healthy and worry-free life.

So instead of charging thousands of dollars like most other wellness programs…

We’ve made it fair and affordable for you

Truth is, we could’ve easily charged $20,000 for this kind of program … and it still would be worth the investment. The real question is, “How much do you value maintaining a healthy mind and body?”

Look, even if we slashed the price by half to $10,000 it would be the deal of the Decade.

The truth is my consultation starts at $200 an hour. But here’s the good news. Instead of the $20,000 or $10,000 price…you can get the program for $997. Plus…you’re covered by my 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try The Perfect Health Premium Membership Program for 30 days.

If you follow all the instructions and don’t find an appreciable improvement in your health and energy, you’ll get back every cent you paid. You really have nothing to lose.

Your question now should NOT be… “Should I get this?”… or “Can I afford this?”…

Instead you should be asking…

“Am I serious about a future where I feel relaxed, healthy and full of energy? A life that’s free from pain, illness and disease.

If you answered YES then there shouldn’t be ANY hesitation in taking advantage of this program and start your journey today.

Let’s make it simple for you… Here’s the way I see it…

You have three choices :

Continue to live your life the way you’re living and hope & pray you’ll live a healthy and stress-free life without medication, somehow?

Waste countless days, weeks, months, even years, trying to filter legitimate information for free from the Internet and pray it works for you.

Take immediate action and follow our proven and tested system that will almost guarantee you results… fast. Option 3 is the ONLY was to fast track the results you want. Simple. So if you’re ready to get results sooner than later… then simply click the button below right now.

Premium Membership

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