Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils

These drops of nature’s gift, will change your life.


When I first got my hands on doTERRA oils, I was blown away by how empowered and liberated I felt as a mum.

I felt at though I had natural options for my family’s health at my fingertips.

Then I fell in love with the company, doTERRA’s leadership, sustainability practices and partnership with science.


Below you will find two ways to join with a wholesale account and have doTERRA as a part of your life.

I will give you a hint : enrolling with the largest kit you can purchase is the best way.

You save money and you get a great starting point for your oil journey.


I am a bit ‘old school’ and I offer a one hour face-to-face wellness consult after you join.

I like to know that you know how to use your oils.

Two Ways to Open Your Wholesale Account

Follow these 4 steps to open your wholesale account!

Join Serena’s Team

How Serena will support you:

  • A 60-minute personalised wellness consultation with Serena
  • VIP developed oils website with everything you will need to get started
  • Private online support on our VIP Facebook page
  • 25% off retail for a whole year with no strings attached
  • The option to save up to 55% by joining my monthly ordering program
  • Continual learning, inspiration and giveaways exclusive to the team
  • The option to grow into your own business

If you have any questions please contact me.