Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health

A consultation is the best place to start your Ayurvedic healing journey.

Ayurveda, literally translated as the “science of life,”  is the ancient Indian art of physical, mental, and emotional healing. Based on harmonizing the natural elements within and around us, Ayurvedic medicine is a time-tested system of holistic health that is highly specific to each unique individual. 

Ayurveda views each and every person as unique, with a unique mind-body constitution and a unique set of life circumstances, all of which must be considered in determining either natural healing approaches or recommendations for daily living. According to Ayurveda, because we each have a unique constitution, our health prescription must be unique to us. This means that in order to be healthy, you need to eat certain foods that are beneficial for your body type. Your exercise program must be personally suitable as well.

Your constitution determines much about you – your body, your personality, even how you relate to other people. Understanding it lets you know what you need in order to be healthy.

Initial lifestyle consultations include a detailed personal history and Ayurvedic assessment of health including questioning, tongue reading, eye and nail reading. You can expect to learn your Prakruti (unique body type) and your Vikruti (current state of imbalance), and how to work with these in your daily life. You will receive a customized outline for treatment designed specifically to support you in working toward your health goals. 

Ayurvedic treatments include delicious diet and lifestyle modifications, medicinal herbs, massage, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, body treatments and other simple lifestyle changes that work to balance the body’s intelligence, improve clarity of mind, digestion and improve vitality/immunity. 

Perfect body weight, health and a stress-free mind is the outcome of this amazing information and knowledge that you will be receiving. Leave with a renewed approach to life and get guided to achieving complete health and happiness in an easy way gently embracing the changes with joy and passion.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation is an ideal starting point when dealing with, any health concerns, medical conditions or simply wanting to improve your health.

How will this work for you?

  • 1. Where Are You Now?

    A detailed assessment of your current state and unique mind/body constitution.

  • 2. Select Your Program Duration

    Your health goals are unique so it’s important that the time frame is suited to your goals and fits in with your busy schedule.

  • 3. Healing Program

    A comprehensive healing program including daily regimes, dietary guidelines, recipes and additional info to support your needs.

  • 4. Body Treatments

    Serena may also recommend regular body treatments or cleanses to quicken and deepen the healing process.

My clients are happy to have found a place to experience significant improvement in well-being, metabolism, weight loss, chronic disease relief, mental and emotional health, and immune function, among many other acute and chronic conditions.

Ancient medicine is also modern medicine, we merge eons of ancient methods and wisdom with contemporary Western approaches and technology to help more people than ever regain and maintain their absolute best health.

Ready to get started?

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