Presented by: Serena Parry

Australias only Chopra Certified Instructor

Discover How You Can Leap out of Bed every morning Stay Razor-Focused through the Day, and Sleep Like a Baby at Night… Without Harmful Drugs. GUARANTEED!

Experience the pinnacle of well-being at our total mind-body healing retreat. Immerse yourself in beauty and luxury on the breathtaking coast to release stress and toxicity, nourish your entire being, and receive one-on-one guidance to transform your health for life. Whether you are experiencing an illness, an accumulation of stress, or simply wish to feel more energetic, our Perfect Health retreat is customized for you, leaving you feeling more rested, joyful, and in tune with yourself than ever before – with the resources to stay that way.

Retreats for 2019

28th March to 1st April 2019 - Ananda Rainforest Retreat, Currumbin QLD

30th May 2019 to 3rd June 2019 - Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, Uki New South Wales

1st to the 5th August 2019 - Binna Burra Mountain Lodges, Mt Tamborine Queensland

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"If you find it impossible to get out of bed every morning without hitting the snooze button thrice in succession, struggle to focus at work, feel drained when you return home and habitually snap when speaking to your family, then set aside a couple minutes to consider this question:"

What are you Prepared to ​Do?

Sad but true, most people nowadays prefer to run away from reality. But I’m certain you’re different… otherwise you wouldn’t have even read this far. There comes a time when someone who isn’t able to enjoy life to the max has to stand up and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! And that’s the moment when everything starts to change… when life turns around for the better. Perhaps you’re at that point now with your health or emotional well-being. If that’s the case with you, great! 

Healing Circle

So… what are you prepared
to do about it?

Imagine how you will feel when you no longer have to deal with frequent illnesses, chronic fatigue or constant stress. Imagine what it would be like to put each and every one of these challenges into the past where they belong.

Well, you don’t have to “imagine any longer - in fact:

I GUARANTEE that when you take advantage of everything you’ll discover when you attend The Perfect Health Retreat you will have all the skills and techniques to live an energized, healthy and stress-free life.

I’ll bet you’re saying “sounds good, but those are some BIG promises.

True enough. But I stand by them, because not only have I dedicated years of my life preparing for this event, I’m bringing along with me an amazing speaker and trainer who has helped thousands of Australians rekindle the spark of ambition which eventually resulted in them rising from mediocrity to becoming leaders in their industry.

Who Am I?

But first, who am I and how am I qualified to impart the skills and techniques required to achieve the transformation you need to stay healthy, wake up energized every morning and have complete control over your mind, when others around you are living lives of quiet desperation

I am natural health practitioner, specialising in Ayurveda and am blessed to be able to live between the beautiful Gold Coast and Sydney, Australia. The only Chopra Certified Ayurvedic instructor in Australia, I hold the privilege of being personally trained by Deepak Chopra himself. It’s a rare honour for any student of Ayurveda to study under Deepak Chopra’s guidance.

I overcame an unusually difficult childhood, troubled teenage years to build a thriving business with clients all over the world, which was eventually sold for millions of dollars.

I have always believed that going through perceived challenges needs to be seen as an opportunity to stretch ourselves and grow. Through those experiences we become who we are meant to be and really see what we are capable of.

In a quest to search for natural solutions to achieving peak health and wellness – both for the body and the mind, I invested tens of thousands of dollars trying to find cures for my health issues only to realise I had the answers inside me all along.

This was what led me to the Chopra Center, where I learned about integrating Ayurveda into my life and also became a Certified Instructor.

I am also studying the highest level of Ayurvedic certification in Australia – the next step completing my Ayurvedic doctorate!

I am also a qualified yoga instructor with the American Yoga Academy.

So What’s So Special About Ayurveda?

What’s special about Ayurveda is that it is able to identify health issues long before they physically manifest themselves in the body. The all-natural organic helps prevent a serious issue or makes it easier to reverse as it is picked up much earlier.

There is no other healthcare system in the world like Ayurveda. The World Health Organisation lists Ayurveda as “The most ancient, scientific, holistic and complete system of healthcare in the world.

More than a mere system of treating an illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life,Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realising their full human potential.

Providing guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behaviour and the proper use of our senses, Ayurveda reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurveda saved my life and I received the best training in the world so that I could teach it to others and assist them in overcoming health challenges as well. Ayurveda is also the only completely holistic health care system in the world that looks at balance in body, mind and spirit and I believe this is the key to optimal health.

The Perfect Health Program has been developed by Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr David Simon. It represents the integration between the principles of modern science and insights from the world’s timeless wisdom traditions.

I am the only person in all of Australia who is qualified to teach this amazing program which has the potential to completely transform your health, bring back the vitality and make you feel alive one again.

Let's Look at What You'll Experience When You Attend
Perfect Health Retreat

  • The basic principles of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga and why they are the foundations to living with boundless energy
  • How to select and use foods most nourishing for your mind-body personality so you maintain vibrant health, correct weight and optimized digestion.
  • Essentials to recognizing and eliminating toxins and gentle rejuvenating techniques to start each day fully recharged
  • check-square-o
    Tools to practice conscious communication and enhance your relationships and help you achieve emotional freedom
  • check-square-o
    How to use your senses to access the power of your body’s inner pharmacy to heal, nourish, and maintain balance.

Guest Speakers


Respected holistic doctor, healer, writer and consultant Dr Ram Mani Bhandari.

Dr Ram trained in India and Nepal, the original lands of Ayurveda and a Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from the Institute of Medicine at Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu.

He also holds impeccable qualifications in Ayurvedic medicine from the best schools and renowned hospitals in India and Nepal.

He augmented his medical degree with advanced training from from Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Foundation Centre of Excellence in Kerala in Southern India.

He is a founding member and was a panchakarma specialist at the largest Ayurvedic and panchakarma private hospital in Nepal— Ojus Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre, Kathmandu.

His qualifications include specialist training in detoxification and rejuvenation therapy (panchakarma), and therapeutic yoga and breathing therapy (pranayama). He has advanced training in healing techniques including reflexology, relaxation massage, marma therapy and reiki healing.

Ram has a strong desire to educate and inform, as well as treat clients in the ways of healthy living.

Dr Ram facilitates a workshop at our retreats along with a Q&A session. This is a not to be missed opportunity to spend time with one of Australia's very best and highly sought after Ayurvedic doctors.

What past students have to say about Serena

What Makes This Event Unlike Any Other Health and Wellness
Program You’ve Ever Attended

This is the only one of it’s kind event being run in Australia. No one else is qualified or has the authority to teach it here.

It is also the EXACT same program that Deepak Chopra himself runs in the United States, so you can experience the benefits here, saving you thousands of dollars in travel money and time you’ll have a rare opportunity to learn from Clint, a renowned personal transformation coach… so you can apply the knowledge, skills and techniques to not just your health, but also your mind in one power-packed weekend.

The luxury event is being held in a unique setting with nature guides available to help you truly connect you with the natural environment…this is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.


Just some of Our Team


Morning Yoga

Okay, so you’re on board with the idea that the Perfect Health Retreat is going to be “one for the ages. But maybe you’re still not 100% certain it’s right for you… you have a few concerns…

Well, let me see how I can ease your mind…

I don’t know what Ayurveda is and I am not a spiritual or religious person. Should I still attend?

I don’t have enough time to take 4 days away from my family

I don’t have enough money

What food will I be eating

Is Ayurveda an evidence-based science?

How is this different to all of the other health retreats out there?


Bonus #1: 1 x ½ hr preparation session with Serena before the retreat (Value $197)
Bonus #2: 1 x ½ hr debrief session with Serena after the retreat (Value $197)
Bonus #3: Perfect Health Online Premium Membership Program (Value $997)
Bonus #4: Ayurvedic Recipe Book and Meal Plan (Value $497)


Pay your deposit TODAY and get the BONUS Perfect Health Online Premium Membership Program NOW

Bookings: If you are interested in booking a spot, please click the button below to arrange a call with our team.

If you are not sure and have questions – fill in the form and let’s chat

“finally gotten to my ideal weight”

All I can say is wow! I have been working with Serena for over 9 months now. Not only have I finally gotten to my ideal weight (which I havent been able to do since my 20’s! And I’m now 43) but following serena’s guidance through an ayurvedic lifestyle has corrected my sleep apnea and back issues which means I have way more time and energy to spend with my family. I never knew I could have this level of energy and without having to take any medication. If you are looking for something that is going to change your life, this is it!"

Chloe 43


Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful experience. I’m very grateful and look forward to continuing to improve my health and wellbeing with the wonderful tools and techniques you’ve shared. You have a wonderful gift to share with will help many people. I'm privileged to share this journey - thank you

Sacha Beverley 

Finally, to make this an even Easier decision, consider this:

My 100% Risk Free Unconditional
MONEY BACK Guarantee

Here’s your GUARANTEE – If you can stay until the end and can look me in the eye and say it wasn’t worth each and every dollar you invested, just let me know then and there and I’ll give you back the entire registration fee in full.

There’s ZERO risk to you. 

Right Now! You Have : Two Choices 

  • You can either continue on the path of living an unhealthy lifestyle, pop pills which treat only the symptoms, not true reasons for an illness or prepare for risky surgery…any of which could make your life a living hell
  • Or you can take action today, right now, by joining us at Perfect Health Retreat and start to enjoy living a healthy, energetic and stress-free life.

Here’s what you’ll come away with…

  • The retreat is all inclusive, here’s just some of what you will receive: 
  • check
    **Sessions where we explore your unique gifts and talents and create your 3 month roadmap and workbook - Valued at $3,997 (this is what Deepak charges in the USA)
  • check
    Body, Mind and Soul (The Multidimensional Life) We will discuss the principles of Ayurveda, meditation practice, our body constitutions known as the Doshas and their characteristics and interpret a mind body questionnaire
  • check
    Nourishment for Body, Mind and Soul (Food as Medicine) We will discuss topics of proper digestion, nutrition and making healthy eating choices. These nutritional practices will help you maintain vibrant health, appropriate weight and optimised digestion
  • check
    Perpetual Renewal (Detoxification, purification and rejuvenation) - we will discuss how to establish an optimal ayurvedic daily routine, you will learn to perpetually renew yourself each day by recognising and eliminating toxins and by performing gentle rejuvenating techniques
  • check
    Emotional Freedom (Intimacy with Yourself) - you will learn tools to practice conscious communication to enhance your relationships and help you achieve emotional freedom
  • check
    The Five Gateways to the Inner Pharmacy (Metabolizing Sensory Experience) - you will learn to use your senses to access the power of your body's inner pharmacy to heal, nourish and maintain balance
  • check
    **individual medical consultation to assess your unique dosha (mind-body constitution) any current imbalances or health challenges you may have with one of Australia’s best Ayurvedic Medical Doctors - Valued at $197
  • check
    **individual mindset coaching session with our guest speaker Clint Seares one of Australia’s top transformational coaches - Valued at $197
  • check
    **5 star accommodation with full use of the spa, sauna, gym and pool Valued at $600
  • **ayurvedic treatment that is customised to your unique mind-body constitution and any current imbalances you may have Valued at $120
  • check
    **a special welcome pack that is customised for each guest Valued at $70
  • check
    ** daily yoga, meditation and breathing exercises customised to your unique mind-body constitution and aims to quickly reduce any imbalances you may have - valued at $200
  • check
    A toolkit of practical and tangible resources to help maintain your shift in health and wellness and assist your re-integration back into daily life without losing the progress you have made Valued at $200
  • check
    As this is an intimate retreat with a max. of 20 people – you will have multiple opportunities for 1:1 laser focus time with Serena Valued at $300
  • check
    A close connection with up to 3 other remarkable and supportive leaders who have your back
  • check
    4 breakfasts, 4 lunches + 4 dinners and snacks guaranteed to be delicious and gourmet ~ lovingly prepared by our Ayurvedic cook. All meals will be organic where possible, vegetarian and gluten free and ayurvedically balanced ensuring maximum nutrition Valued at $210
  • check
    The retreat is caffeine and alcohol free ~ with plenty of fresh juice and herbal teas.
  • check
    Experiential walks in nature and plenty of quiet time spaces.
  • check
    Morning and evening meditation + meditation and reflection time in nature. Valued at $200

Total Value over $6,000 ($6,291)

This is certainly not a one size fits all retreat. It is exactly the same as the one Deepak Chopra facilitates in San Diego and is fully customised to the participants (down to the type of food and exercise for your unique mind/body constitution, and even the workshop content I deliver is also tailored to the guests!)

Deepak charges $4,000 AUD not including accommodation or flights however you receive the same teachings here in the comfort of our own beautiful country with an idyllic backdrop for half that price!

Sample Daily Schedule :

  • 7AM Morning yoga and meditation - Special Guest - Claire Diab C​​​​hopra Center Master Educator and Advisory Board Member​​​​
  • 8AM Breakfast
  • 9AM Morning session - Special Guest Clint Seares - Emotional Freedom (Intimacy with Yourself) - you will learn tools to practice conscious communication to enhance your relationships and help you achieve emotional balance
  • check
    11AM Group activity - Creating your Vision for your future
  • check
    12PM Lunch
  • check
    1PM Individual Coaching Sessions and interactive Group Session
  • check
    6PM Dinner
  • check
    8:30PM Nightly journalling and release exercise


Bonus #1: 1 x ½ hr preparation session with Serena before the retreat (Value $197)
Bonus #2: 1 x ½ hr debrief session with Serena after the retreat (Value $197)
Bonus #3: Perfect Health Online Premium Membership Program (Value $997)
Bonus #4: Ayurvedic Recipe Book and Meal Plan (Value $497)


Pay your deposit of $500 TODAY and get the BONUS Perfect Health Online Premium Membership Program NOW

Here are the inclusions of the Perfect Health Online Premium Membership Program

  • The exact imbalances preventing you from living the life you desire…without knowing these you’ll never know what changes you need to make
  • Specific recommendations on what you need to do to fix your MIND-BODY balance…as specific as which type of yoga is suited for your body type and even which type of food is right for you
  • A detailed plan for your entire daily routine…which takes the guesswork out of wondering what to do. This is what you need to achieve set goals and ensure you stick to them
  • Access to instructional videos only available for premium members…you won’t find these anywhere else online (for example the right way to perform oil pulling and self massage)
  • One-on-one mindset coaching with Clint Seares, Australia’s leading Performance Coach who will help you set goals, hold you accountable and train your mind to help you achieve greatness
  • A monthly coaching call to monitor your progress, provide additional coaching, help you overcome specific roadblocks and answer any questions
  • arrow-circle-right
    24 Hour email access, so you can raise any concerns or clarify anything else you aren’t sure about
  • arrow-circle-right
    One-stop-shop to get all the recommended resources…get the best quality products in the market without wasting hours trying to find them yourself
  • arrow-circle-right
    Exclusive Premium Members Access to resources and discounts on products

Ann Marie

Hi Serena,

I would be delighted to describe my experience with Ayuveda.  I saw an advertisement on FB as I was looking for a change in my life.  I didn't want the usual hype and self esteem kind of stuff I needed a balanced approach and Serena has delivered that through the ayuveda system.

I have spoken with her ayuvedic doctor and been given a plan that is specific to my needs.  I have found the dietary changes simple and easy to make and I really enjoy the food now as I don't have heartburn or reflux anymore.  I have also lost 5 kilo’s in only 3 weeks on my ayurvedic program.

I also attended the retreat at Binna Burra mountain Lodge and found this to be very beneficial, it has educated me about my dosha and specific ways to help my body type to perform at optimum health.  It helped me to change other aspects of my life that I felt stuck in and I have arrived home with more energy and a new focus on life.

The ayuvedic massage was an absolute treat and helped my fluid retention and I can't wait to continue on this program it has really given me a new approach to healing my body and my mind while also addressing the soul aspect of my being.

Thank You Serena

Join us in 2019 for the

“Perfect Health”

Ayurvedic Health Retreat

This all inclusive experience includes: Luxury Accommodation, Gourmet Meals, Daily Meditation, Ayurvedic Treatments and use of Spa Facilities, Daily Yoga,  Ayurvedic Cooking Class and Recipe booklet, All Workshop Content and Workbook, 3 Months Personalised Coaching

Earlybird Pricing (until the 14th February 2019) Only $1,497 +GST

Standard Pricing $1,997 +GST 

Please note: A $500 deposit is required to secure your place

These rates are for a shared luxury room with ensuite, single package and VIP package options also available

**Payment Plans are available**


We keep these retreats intimate (a maximum of 20 participants) to ensure that the retreat is our powerful, supportive and effective as possible. This does mean that spots are limited and fill relatively fast so please contact us to book your spot earlier rather than later.

** Pick up from the nearest airport - flights and transfers not included**

Dates for 2019

21st to 25th March 2019 - Ananda Rainforest Retreat, Currumbin QLD

30th May 2019 to 3rd June 2019 - Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, Uki New South Wales

1st to the 5th August 2019 - Binna Burra Mountain Lodges, Mt Tamborine Queensland

Take the first step - Have a chat with Serena